Nearest Toilet/ Nearby Alert app is one of the best apps. It has been evaluated in Best Apps Market!  

It's not just a Toilet Finder app but also a Nearby Alert system that rings when you approach a recommended/ thumbs up toilet. The purpose is to help people find a clean toilet. To make this easier, I will keep this app free to the end user. 

You can simply tap on the Thumbs Up icon (shown in the first screenshot below) to find recommended toilets that are based on opening hours, distance, and cost of service. In addition, the toilet map shows open toilets and Wiki articles about the neighborhood. 

Tapping on a marker in the map brings up a detailed view as you may have noticed from screenshots below. In the detailed view, you have multiple options: You may want to go to the street view from there or simply tap the more details icon.

Click here to download the app on your Android phone and start finding nearby toilets quickly.

Get notified automatically when you drive near a recommended toilet that's nearby. To start  adding nearby alerts  automatically for recommended toilets, simply tap Auto Alarm icon in first screen and wait. Alerts(s) would ring when you are nearby a recommended toilet. You can then slide down the alert in the status bar and tap to navigate.

In addition, you can manually add nearby alerts by simply tapping the blue Search icon followed by typing in the place's first 3 letters for auto complete to be triggered. All places matching what you type get populated in the map with red markers after hitting "Go". You can then hit the red markers to add nearby alerts.  

There 3 ways to add manual alerts: From the list on the first screen, from the list that comes up after tapping on the Thumbs Up icon, and from the map.

Two types of maps are available to help you add nearby alerts in the direction you are travelling.

There are extra features available to perform health checks and stay entertained.


Click here to download or search for similar nearby alert apps on Google Play.

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